Star Trek: Enterprise Art Screensaver Free Download

Posted: June 21, 2009 in pencil shavings
Enterprise Art Screen Saver

Enterprise Art Screen Saver

Enterprise Art Screen Saver

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It all starts with one.  I took a screen capture from the science fiction TV series Enterprise and rendered it artistically using Photoshop.  Pretty soon that led to more images, until the result is the Enterprise Art Screensaver, with over 160 big, beautiful images of the beloved Star Trek series.   I’m posting it here to anyone who would like to download it.  It’s free and easy to set up.

The screen saver contains digitally-rendered photo art of all the crew, including Archer, T’Pol, Trip, Hoshi, Reed, Mayweather and Phlox; as well as favorite supporting characters and special guest stars.  If you like Enterprise like I do, I think you’ll enjoy these images.

I’m posting the entire image bank in seven zipped files under 100 mb each (579mb total).  Windows can take this folder and make a screensaver automatically.  Just follow these simple instructions:



1. Windows users can download the 7 files, save them into your Administrator’s “My Pictures” folder.   Be sure to unzip them! (Mac and other users can download these images into your own system screen saver).

2. Then right click on your Desktop to open:

Desktop >> Display Properties >> Screen Saver

3. First, before anything, set the timer to “Wait 5 minutes“, or whatever your preference is.

4. Then, in the Dropdown menu, choose “My Pictures Slideshow“.  This accesses any image folders currently occupying your My Pictures folder, so remove any other image files there you wouldn’t want in your screensaver.  (Yikes)!

You can also click “Settings” to adjust the image change rate (I like 6 seconds).

On “How big should your pictures be?” set to 100% of the screen.  In this window you can also change the directory if you prefer to locate the Enterprise Art folders elsewhere in your drive.

5. Check (yes):

Stretch small pictures”

Use Transition effects between pictures”

Allow scrolling through pictures with the keyboard”

and click OK,

then the other OK,

– and you’re all set!


I’m posting the download for free, with no malware or other stuff.  Just one Star Trek fan to the rest of you! is the one and only original source for this screensaver.

I do hope you enjoy the Enterprise Art Screensaver as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.  Drop me a line if you do! I would enjoy hearing your impressions and suggestions.

Frank Atlas




579 mb (each zipped file is < 100mb), 7 files


.PNG files  2000 x 1125 px (average)

Made with Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (using multiple filter layering & correction techniques)


Star Trek and Enterprise remain the property of Paramount Pictures.  Enterprise Art Screensaver is in no way offered commercially or meant to infringe on Paramount’s copyright.  No affiliation with Paramount Pictures is implied.

Raw screen captures courtesy of Trek Core


Enterprise Art Screen Saver 1

Enterprise Art Screen Saver 2

Enterprise Art Screen Saver 3

Enterprise Art Screen Saver 4

Enterprise Art Screen Saver 5

Enterprise Art Screen Saver 6

Enterprise Art Screen Saver 7


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