Digital Truth

Posted: June 27, 2009 in pencil shavings

phone grab art

China River Girl: phone grab art

Digital form is form in transit.

While I would have a lot to say about those who use it to shape any reality they want to force on the rest of the world, weaving webs of spin, omission and lies, I’d rather use this blog to explore the positive, creative power of digital technology.

Every day, human voices make themselves heard on behalf of their souls and on behalf of the voiceless of the world. It is a special capacity that shouldn’t be discounted merely because of digital media’s ubiquity and ease of use. Every voice matters. Every voice is unique, and has a special message to tell us. The question is, are we listening? Are we watching? Can we perceive the experience which is not spoken as well? Positive and negative information space? There is something to learn from every one we meet.

Digital consumer technology is making media and the web into a kind of “public pool” of content. A public space in which the base and the sublime coexist. As creatives, the one thing we tell ourselves is that we are human, we have an intrinsic right to create, to express ourselves, and that no one may take that away from us. Those who dismiss us and our work, for whatever reason, are blind. Creativity is not the creation of static form. It is the living embodiment of experience. The art that remains is merely a record of what has passed – the living, dynamic nexus of intelligent awareness. To be an artist, first be human.

The creative automatically, by default, makes themselves an enemy of entropy. The Destructive. Do not give weight to the opinions that stem from this motivation. Anyone can criticize. Not everyone can realize something from nothing (that which they can then criticize).

To be honest I’m not sure what this blog is going to shape up to be. Part resource, part editorial, part gomi. Whatever follows, know that it comes in the spirit of humanity, creativity, intelligence, inquiry, and freedom from the tyranny of disconnect.

Frank Atlas


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