Art is in the Hand, Not the Tool

Posted: June 29, 2009 in pencil shavings
Dragon in Red Phone Grab Manip

Dragon in Red Phone Grab Manip

Make the time to listen to your own voice every day.

Give it expression, be it in writing, photography, music, comedy, work, paint, design, or sculpture.

Before you buy any technology, wait a couple weeks.  Technology is costly, and there is always more to buy.  But in time you find you didn’t really need half the stuff you wanted, and it would have ended up collecting dust.  Conserve your resources; the art is in the hand, not in the tool.

The above image was made with a phone grab (using a mobile phone camera).  It’s from a stone sculpture in the park; I tweaked it with an old version of Photoshop (7.0) by altering the hue (bringing out detail) and applying a notepaper filter.  Very fast and easy.  (Of course, there were other experiments before I happend upon this one).  Would make a decent t shirt, don’t you think?  That’s my morning coffee.

I find that using Photoshop, every image is different.  I rarely use the same techniques on different images.  But that’s half the fun, the experimentation.

I’m inspired by so many things, to do so many things.  But the important thing is that each day, I do something, for no purpose other than its will to exist.


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