The Geometry of Wind and Time

Posted: July 1, 2009 in pencil shavings
Overshadow:  a study in form

Overshadow: a study in form

Truth is there to be seen or ignored.

I pity those who fear truth, instead scrabbling to graft their interpretations on the world.  Who are truly blind to the wonders of the intelligent mind, and instead see only flawed, discarded gamepieces.

It takes a special courage to open one’s mind and close one’s mouth.  Affording this dignity to others is by no means assurance it would be reciprocated.  In fact, some see truth as weakness, the sign of a “lack of imagination”.  They pride themselves in cunning, in falsehood, in elicitation of desired effects through manipulation rather than mutuality.

They separate themselves from the universe, and so, live their own punishment.

I both pity them, and offer them silence, that they may know their strength through connecting with God, the universe, nature, humanity, the cosmos. They do not see the sacrifice they have made of themselves.  They crave and find only craving.  Steal and find only scarcity.  Judge, and find only bondage.

Face your truth.  Stand as a tree stands, weathering the storms and saws.  They can take away your life, but they cannot take away your truth.

Choose your own character.  Bless their agitation for giving you – a pearl.

Play by your own rules.  Win your own game.  Let others be sidelined by their own misinterpretations of the reality they so eagerly blind themselves to.

Make them come to your field.  When they are ready for a true challenge:  understanding truth beyond one’s personal geometry.


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